Thursday, April 29, 2010

God Appoints Our Leaders

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God (Ro. 13:1 KJV)."

Higher Powers
The word powers is the plural form of the word power used throughout this Bible verse. It means a magistrate, potentate, delegated influence, and authority. The word subject means to be under obedience.

"Let every soul be subject to the higher powers" means every person is to be obedient and/or to their governing authorities. This is a pretty strong statement being made by the Apostle Paul.

There's No Power But of God
The delegated authorities exist only because God allows them to.The authorities which exist do so only by the direct appointment of Jehovah God.

"By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth (Pro. 8:15-16 KJV).

Our president, our congressman or woman, our senator, our governor, our state legislator, our mayor, our county councilman or woman, our Supreme Court justices, our federal judges, our local judges, each and every one of them can only do what they do because God permits them to.

What's A Christian To Do?
Our current government leaders can make no new laws which God hasn't allowed them to make. Does that mean Christians must agree the leaders decisions are right? Not at all.

The United States Constitution gives American citizens the right to exercise free speech. We Americans can say anything we want about anything or anybody we want. But does being a Christian grant us license to do so?

I don't agree with the current administration of the United States. I'm deeply concerned with the direction they appear to be taking us in. I possess serious misgivings concerning some of the laws being passed by this administration.

Are Christians surprised by the beliefs, speech, and activities of not only this administration, but previous ones as well? You shouldn't be. God is in control. They do what they do only by God's permission. It means they're doing exactly what God wants them to do. This is a hard concept to grasp. This concept is exactly what Paul is telling us in Romans 13:1.

So what are Christians supposed to do? If you must speak out, speak out. Yet do so in a manner that isn't derogatory or defaming. Speak and act in a manner which will bring glory and honor to God.

The most important thing Christians can do right now is pray. I don't mean talk about it. I mean on-your-face, on-your-knees, pouring you heart out to God. We must pray for our leaders whether we agree with what they're doing or not. We must pray for our leaders even if we don't like them. We must continue to pray for our leaders even as they keep passing legislation contrary to Christian beliefs and doctrine. God bless...


  1. I agree that God has control over all things, but could you take these verse's to mean there is no need to vote for anyone that is running for a position of authority, because God will only let the person he wants in that position, to win? Is it not a Christians duty to try and put Godly and ethical people in office, or any position of authority? Isn't it also a Christians duty to disobey any laws that are passed that would cause a Christian to sin against God?

    1. Don't you mean God can intervene at any moment..on our behalf.. if he chooses I don't believe he purposely controls things ...remember free will does not work with God controlling everything...but i do believe he will appoint leaders "we" deserve

    2. To mreloo...
      Thanks for the comment. God is sovereign. He is working things according to His desired end. I can put Proverbs 16:33 out for a look at how God is ultimately in control: "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD (KJV)."
      We cast the lot into the lap when we vote for our leaders. The majority wins. God uses our choices to work to His sovereign end. That is my understanding.
      God appointing leaders "we" deserve is a scary thought! It rings very true...

  2. Even as Christians, especially as Christians, we have a civic responsibility to vote for our leaders. Our vote, however, should be influenced by our faith in God. God uses both good and bad, both the godly and the ungodly to work his perfect will.

    Romans 13:1 does not absolve us of our civil responsibilities. Christians are citizens of another Kingdom, which should be our priority. Thus I would say it is not necessarily our Christian duty to elect godly and ethical people, although as Christians it is our civic duty to do so.

    Our Christian duty is much simpler. We are to follow Christ. He came to seek and save the lost. Thus our duty as Christians is to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I do fear we may see the day when laws will be passed here in America against Christianity. At that point Christians will make a choice to obey God or obey man. Again, I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven first, an American citizen second.

    I do dislike politics. Ironically, our present political climate has created an enormous opening for sharing the Gospel. People are apprehensive and scared. They are looking for answers. As Christians, we know the Answer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for the comment and God bless...

  3. I wonder if God gives us leaders just like ourselves. Think about it who are we likely to vote for, someone who is like or dislike us. We look for elected officials who think like we think. Therefore we get leaders just like us. They are our reflection.

    1. This is "scary" true! Thanks for the comment. God bless...

  4. God judges our heart. How we vote reflects our heart. Do we vote for someone with Christian values, or their looks, skin color, or we have something to personally gain? That is why we vote, God knows our heart and why we are voting for a particular canidate. God is never out of control. So nobody ever is put into a postion of authority with out God allowing it.